Island of Misfit Toys

Some animals, who for different reasons don't quite seem to fit in anywhere else, end up being part of our clinic family. Some of them have been taken home to live with one of us, some of them live in the clinic permanently. Such is the exciting life as a veterinarian in Lexington, KY! You may see some of them when you come in.

Summer & Chaplin

image of kittens named Summer and ChaplinSummer and Chaplin are cats who were born very prematurely. Their mother was unable to take care of them. They each weighed less than 30 grams. Usually, kittens under 70 grams have a difficult time surviving. Things were touch-and-go with Summer and Chaplin for a while, but Dr. Melanie nursed them back to health and now they live at the clinic, making us all smile every day.





image of kitten named CodyCody is a cat from a multicat household. He doesn't like living with other cats (except Summer and Chaplin, for some reason), and was happier here. He likes the reception area and enjoys the company of people.

Cody currently lives with our technician Sarah's mom, where he enjoys the spoiled life of an only child.





image of kitten named TrapperYears ago, a young puppy named Trapper came to stay with us. His owners gave him a great start in life, but were unable to care for a puppy with special needs. Trapper has megaesophagus, which means he is unable to swallow normally. He has to eat upright in a box, then stay in the box for a few minutes, so that his food stays in his stomach. In this picture, he is staying home with his Aunt Sarah, so he is temporarily using her laundry hamper for a place to eat. 

Trapper currently lives with our former employee Lyle, who fell in love with him after being charged with his daily care at the clinic. He is pampered daily by Lyle's loving wife Kay, and loves to play with his little sister Stella.



image of kitten named RooOne of our newest family members is Roo. When he was one day old, his owner brought him to be put to sleep because of a leg deformity. We thought we could take care of him, so his owner left him with us. We raised him from a few days old and he is doing great.

Roo currently lives with Dr. Melanie's mother, enjoying all the comforts of the retired life on her screen porch. He's also taken up bird watching!