Island of Misfit Toys

Some animals, who for different reasons don’t quite seem to fit in anywhere else, end up being part of our clinic family. Some of them have been taken home to live with one of us, some of them live in the clinic for a while. You may see some of them when you come in.

Sammy & Oliver

Sammy & Oliver

You’ll notice these guys when you fill in our online forms. Oliver was born to a clinic rescue and joined by his rescue-brother Sammy.

Barry the Dog


Barry was rescued alone and lost wandering in the woods. He had lost a lot of weight due to a rare stomach disorder that is frequently fatal. He is now being wonderfully cared for by our clinic manager, Sarah Oliver, has recovered completely, and is living his best life for sure!

Summer & Chaplin

Summer and Chaplin were born at the clinic and lived here for many years. One of our kennel employees adopted them and took them home.

Too cat with mouse


Roo was given up at three days old because he had leg deformities. He was hand-raised by Dr. Melanie and helped her every day at her desk. He now lives with Dr. Melanie’s mom and loves bird-watching from the screened porch.




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