Meet the Team

Dr. Craig J. Blair

Dr. Blair was born in Ohio and grew up in Georgetown. Raising baby ducks as a child sparked his interest in animals. When his favorite duck, Huey, was injured by a dog, and he couldn’t find a veterinarian to care for him, Dr. Blair vowed he would become a vet and never turn an injured animal away just because it was a different species. To this day, Dr. Blair will see any animal that can walk, waddle, fly, slither, or crawl into the clinic. (Huey made a full recovery, by the way, and went on to live a full life.)

After completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Kentucky in 1989, Dr. Blair went to the Auburn School of Veterinary Medicine in Auburn, Alabama and graduated in 1994. After working in Atlanta, GA for two years, he moved back to Lexington, KY and accepted a veterinarian position at Clays Mill Veterinary Clinic. He became a partner at the clinic in 2005, and he and his wife Melanie bought the clinic in January 2009.

Dr. Blair has special interests in surgery and exotic animal medicine. Outside of work, he likes to run marathons, trail marathons, and ultramarathons with his pup Beatrice.

Dr. Craig J. Blair

Dr. Trevor J Fraebel

Dr. Fraebel was born in New Jersey and grew up in Lexington. As a child, he was notorious for his attempts to adopt any stray animal he could find. 

Once he had completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dr. Fraebel continued to the Iowa State School of Veterinary Medicine in Ames, Iowa and graduated in 1996. Following his graduation, he spent several years practicing in many settings, from private family practices to emergency clinics and on call work for anesthesia and small animal MRI. After years of part time work at Clays Mill Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Fraebel accepted a full time position alongside Dr. Blair in 2014.

Dr. Fraebel has special interests in surgery, ophthalmology, and critical care. In his free time, Dr. Fraebel enjoys getting together with his extensive family, hiking with his dog Duncan, and trying every rollercoaster he can find.

Dr. Michelle Arnold

Dr. Arnold was born here in Lexington, Kentucky. She was born and raised in veterinary medicine! Her father was a veterinarian and her mother was a veterinary technician. 

Dr. Arnold completed her undergraduate degree at UK and graduated from the Mississippi State School of Veterinary Medicine in 2012. Dr Arnold has special interests in pain management (including acupuncture and physical rehabilitation), surgery, dentistry, and preventive care. 

Outside of work, Dr. Arnold loves spending time with her husband and adorable children. 

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