Veterinary Surgery

We know the thought of surgery can be scary. At Clays Mill Vet Clinic we make every preparation to make sure you and your pet are as comfortable as possible. Every pet gets a complete exam on the day of surgery. A complete pre-anesthetic blood panel is performed to check organ function and electrolyte status. Animals are on IV fluids during the procedure to ensure they maintain adequate blood pressure. During the procedure they are monitored by an ECG, a blood pressure monitor, a pulse-oximeter machine to monitor oxygen saturation, and a trained veterinary assistant who checks your pet’s vital signs constantly throughout the procedure.

For years veterinary medicine underestimated the role pain plays in the recovery of our pets. Just because animals don’t show pain doesn’t mean they aren’t having any. Animals in the wild wouldn’t last long if other animals were able to tell that they aren’t feeling well. Because of this, animals have evolved to hide their pain, but they experience it in the same way we do. It is paramount that we don’t allow our pets to suffer just because they suffer in silence. Both before and after the procedure your pet will be on powerful pain medication to keep him as comfortable as possible. You will also be given pain medication to give your pet at home after the procedure.

We know this is a stressful day for you, so you may, of course, call and check on your pet at any time, and we will call you with an update as soon as your pet is in recovery.

Before surgery the doctor will go over the procedure and directions with you and answer any questions you may have. As always feel free to call or email the office any time with questions.




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